Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jingle Bells in June

It's funny how you can do something 500 times before ever posting about it. Tonight - when I was doing our bedtime routine with the girls, I had to giggle. Who else sings Christmas Carols every single night of the year??!

Our bedtime routine with the girls is pretty consistent. We do bath (about every other night) books, and bed. Once in bed - each girl gets hugs and kisses from both Mommy and Daddy. Daddy turns out the lights (and takes Duke for a walk) while I stay in their room and sing songs. After many nights of negotiating "one more song," now each girl gets to pick two songs for me to sing.

Megan picks her first from several favorites.... the ABC's, Hallelujah! (a song from Sunday School), What a Wonderful World or Silent Night. I've always sung Silent Night to them since they were infants. My Dad sang it to me when I was a little girl, (Mom says it's because its one of the only soft, sweet songs he knew all the words to!) so I've always considered it a lullaby. And for song #2, maybe it's because I tickle them when I sing "laughing all the way" or maybe it's because I draw out the very last "sleigh" long and loud and she thinks that's hysterical...but for what ever reason, Megan picks Jingle Bells as her second song every single night!

Molly always picks the very same two - "Papa Song" and "PopPop Song." Obviously titles only her mother knows! :) "Papa Song" is what she calls "Hush Little Baby," because I learned it as "Papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird." - I guess because when my Dad sang it to me, he said Papa instead of Mama. "PopPop Song" is what she calls the song I sing from Mary Poppins, "Stay Awake."


Joanna said...

That is some special time you all share.

Teresa said...

sweet stuff.

britty said...

that is so sweet. and by the way...i LOVE Wyatt. good pick.

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