Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Over the Hump

So Matt and I have passed the 7 Year Itch...today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary. I realized today that I have been with this kid since we were KIDS - 19 years old - and that would mean we've been together for one third of my life on this Earth! It's been a fabulous third. We have been blessed with a lucky kind of relationship that we both knew was "IT" from our first conversation on a street curb one night in June.

I remember he was very tan, had a short buzz, and a perfectly white smile that blew me away. (I wore braces for 5 years....so naturally straight, bright, beautiful teeth are a weakness for me :) Every year when Summer hits, and Matt starts surfing more, gets more tan and buzzes his head for football...it takes me back to being 19.

One week after we met, Matt was going on a surf trip to Mexico with some guy friends. One of them owned a house down by K38 and Matt asked if I would come too. Of course I wanted to go - but getting my parents to agree to it was a different story. Surprisingly however, they said I could go and even offered to drive me down there! Still to this day, I don't know what led them to that decision. It was out of character for my rather conservative parents. Even more so when we showed up at the house and everyone was around a table playing rowdy drinking games - for them to give me a hug, say "have a good time," and turn around and leave me in a foreign country with a guy they'd just met for an overnight trip! Now having two daughters of our own - I am not sure if Matt and I would do the same!!

To my Matthew,
Together for 11 years, married for 8, and 10 weeks away from having 3 kids in 4 years! What a ride it has been. I love you so much. You are both my soul mate and my best friend. We are so alike in many ways and yet different enough that you make me want to grow and be better and try new things. I love the years we've had together as a young married couple. Just us, our apartment and whatever we wanted to do. And I love the years we've had together as parents - learning so many new things about life and each other and all that these little ones have to offer us. I pray we are blessed to grow old together, to live to see our children's children, and to be healthy enough to enjoy it all.

Aloe Vera Forever, baby.


Joanna said...

Happy Anniversary. You married a good man, and he got a wonderful wife.

britty said...

so that night on the curb, was that Ali's birthday? i think i remember. i know you were both there, and you were looking hot too, no wonder it was a love connection!

Erin said...

Brit - great memory! It WAS Ali's birthday!!

~love said...

okay--i love this post!! congrats on 8 years and a wonderful "story" you two have created!! =)

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