Monday, July 09, 2007

Week 29 and Counting...

(Picture taken this afternoon - 29 1/2 weeks pregnant)

I had an OB appt. last week and had to drink the nasty orange beverage so they could test for gestational diabetes. Test came back normal, which was good news! Nurturing, growing, and feeding this little being inside of me seems like a job all of its own these days. While it's harder to sleep now, and harder to bend over...I still can't believe that the little boy in the blue car at the top of my blog has met the 3rd Trimester sign!! Only 11 weeks to go. (Technically 10 since he'll be delivered by C-section about 7 days early.) That seems both right around the corner AND a hundred years away.

This time around has been both harder and easier for me than my first two pregnancies. Harder = I was sick almost everyday for the first 13 weeks. Not so with the girls. And exhausted beyond anything I had felt before. I would wake up wondering when I could grab the next minutes rest. It was like I took a Dramamine everyday at noon and for the life of me, could NOT keep my eyes open past 1PM. Easier = I've gained about 15 lbs so far....with the girls I had gained more than double that by now! And this time, I know what to expect. Every prenatal test, or body ache does not send me to the Internet searching for answers. Another difference - my belly button has popped almost all the way out. It never did that with the girls. So I don't know if that means I am just carrying him different, or if he's going to be huge!

I had definite cravings with both girls. With Megan, it was sweets. I'd usually rather have starch or salt over sugar any day. But when I was pregnant the first time, I would wake up craving pancakes with syrup, cinnamon rolls, and cream filled croissants. I once went so far as to drive to Marie Callendar's and buy myself a whole Boysenberry pie because I had a hankering for a slice one night after dinner. With Molly I craved ice cold milk. I would drink a tall glass several times a day. With every meal and often all by itself in between. I also loved peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches on cheap white bread! Silly - but they tasted oh so good! Especially with the milk. This time around I had only one strong craving...and it is something I would have never expected. Since I have been pregnant I LOVE tomatoes! Normally I wouldn't touch tomatoes with a ten foot pole. I like spaghetti sauce, ketchup and salsa...but raw tomatoes were a definite NO! A few months ago I went to get a bagel one morning, and the lady in front of me ordered hers with tomatoes on top. I thought to myself "That sounds good!" And then thought "What the heck are you saying!?" But my urge to try it was so strong I ordered my bagel with tomatoes that morning. It was SO good! Ever since, I have been wanting tomatoes on everything. Salads, burgers, sandwiches, bagels, toast in the morning (with avocado too!) It's weird to me, but I can deny I like it. I am eager to see, after Wyatt is born, if I'll go back to hating them.


Amelia said...

Awe you're adorable!

All of mine were very different too.

For me they were easier only because I was happier and more prepared, but physically they were a little harder each time.

Delivery though....was WAY easier with each time.


Corrine said...

Awww you're about 9 weeks ahead of me!!!!! Congrats!

I've been feeling so sick lately.. you think I'd be immune to the whole pregnancy thing, being this is #7. After meals, I feel awful and just want to sleep. Hard to get anything done while in this stage (GRR!)

Joanna said...

I LOVE tomatoes on an "everything" bagel!

Tonya said...

look at that cute tummy!

makes me miss it...but i gotta get mine flat again before I can even think about it!

hope the rest keeps up smoothly for you..

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