Friday, September 14, 2007

Wyatt's Baby Shower

I've been meaning to post some of the pics from the Baby Shower my girlfriends had for Wyatt a few weeks ago - but so much has been going on. Teresa, Joanna, Adrie, Tiffany and my sister Katherine really outdid themselves. From the food to the flowers, from the desserts to the decorations, and the homemade shea butter soap favors - everything was beautiful and thoughtfully done. It was so special to have family and friends together celebrating the upcoming arrival of this little BOY!

Wyatt was showered with many adorable clothes - as we have a lot of the "gear" already. I never knew boys' clothes could be so cute and fun! Some of my favorites include a gray C&C California outfit that is so tiny - and has little pirate skulls and crossbones all over it. A super soft cotton outfit of brown pants and a blue shirt that has a necktie embroidered on the front. And these olive green jammies that have red bucking broncos on the front (I have a soft spot for cowboys.) There were also many football outfits that I know will get worn out!

Wyatt also received many homemade gifts from my talented friends - Joanna made burp cloths to match the quilt she already gave me, Suzanne made a blanket and burp cloths in a vintage transportation print along with onesies dyed to match, and Jenn made a blanket out of brown corduroy, red handkerchief, and a blue cowboy print. All so adorable. This is a pic of me and the big sisters at the shower. I'll add more of the details and gifts later today!

Update: Here is a slideshow of all the fun and festivities. My sister in law, Adrie, MADE the invitations and did the flower arrangements. I love the "Wyatt" cookies.


Teresa said...

That is such a cute pic of ALL THREE of you!!!

~love said...

how fun. =) you all look gorgeous!

~love said...

i don't know when you added the slideshow...but VERY cute! it's so hard to find stylish boy clothing...but fun when you do find it! (love the shoes!)

i'm praying for you and wyatt!! can't wait to see his cute little self....and to see how much megan and molly will LOVE him!! =)

Libby said...

Love the pics in the slideshow... and just wanted to say hi and good luck real quick before tomorrow!! Get back to blogging soon because we can't wait to see pics of your handsome little man ASAP!

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