Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jennifer's Casted Cuties

Okay - I couldn't help but blog about this. My girlfriend from high school, Jennifer, lives in Kansas and has TWO one year olds. No - she doesn't have twins. She has kids who are just 10 months apart. I remember discovering I was pregnant with Molly when Megan was just 8 months old - and I was a little overwhelmed. I can't imagine discovering I was pregnant again when my newborn was just 8 weeks old!! Talk about feeling like "elastic woman." Anyhow - it seems that her son Dylan and daughter Camryn were a little too rambunctious with the couch and its cushions this past week. While Jennifer is not exactly sure how it happened - BOTH of them broke their leg!! The way the Doctor explained it, they probably were jumping together and got intertwined, then one or the other fell or tried to move, and SNAP!

The Acrobats!

Oh Jenn - I can't imagine the trials you are facing these days!? Mealtime - do they fit in their highchairs and car seats? Bathtime - is it even possible? Do you have to put big plastic bags over their legs? Bedtime - What did you do? Cut the right leg off all their jammies?! Diaper Changes - that must be your favorite time of day! Do you have stairs in your house? Do they try to walk? Can they crawl? Or do they just whine for you to carry them everywhere? Is it hot in Kansas still? Are they complaining that the casts are heavy or itchy?

At least from the picture it looks like Dylan is trying to be a caring big brother. I know you can't find the humor in this situation today - but I promise, one day, you will all laugh about this! I wish you heaps of patience and humor these next few weeks as your babies heal. And maybe a big glass of wine at the end of everyday...You deserve it. Best of Luck!


Jennifer said...

You are too cute, Erin!! That was such a sweet post. I feel so honored to have made the blog. I love checking daily to see updates in the Burns family! The kiddos are doing wonderfully. They are troopers! Dylan, thank goodness, gets his cast off this Friday, the day before his birthday (and birthday party)...YIPPPPEEE!!! This hasn't slowed him down a bit. He's still crazy and fearless as ever! Camryn has acclimated perfectly. She's completely figured out a way to crawl around--chasing her big brother! The day to day activities is tricky, but I keep thinking it could be way worse! If ths is the worst thing that happens, than so be it! Thanks for including my kiddos!!!! I am counting down the days to see pics of the new Burns addition! Take cake! Feel good!

Libby said...

Jennifer- Hi from Texas, and wow, two kids in casts at the same time! Hang in there... you at least sound positive about it!

Joanna said...

That picture almost looks staged, Jenn! And I can't help thinking back to the pictures I've seen of YOU in a certain leg cast. :-)

~love said...! mine 1st two are 14 months apart and wow...i can only imagine what a challenge this could be.
gotta be thankful for the creativity, patience, and humor that we moms have to still enjoy our days despite set-backs (even ones as big as this!) =)

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