Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Princesses, Fairies & Superheroes

We've never really Trick-or-Treated with the girls before. Last year, they both had colds. The year before we made it to Grammies and that was it. Before that, Megan was too young to really get it. But this year - I think the concept sunk in! Halloween = Candy. We started with dinner at Grammie and Papa's. My parents live on a street that always gets lots of kids. So the girls had fun passing out candy at the door and seeing all the costumes. When I explained to them that we could go walking from house to house and collect candy, Molly immediately got her pumpkin and started chanting "Go Walking - Go Walking!"

Both girls were a little shy at the first two houses, but after that, they were running from house to house. Megan (aka Belle) led the way and kept hollering for us to "Keep Walking!" Molly (aka Tinkerbell) had to stop after each one and check out what she had received. Both girls lasted many more houses than I thought they would. I was ready to call it quits two blocks before they were. Wyatt (aka Superman) came along for the ride in the bjorn - and slept the whole time. Molly kept telling me "Wyatt has no teeth Mom. No candy for Wyatt. Only your milk!"


LauraC said...

Love ALL the pics! Jon and I were just saying last night we enjoyed this Halloween because we got to come home as soon as WE were ready to come home. Probably the last year that will happen!

~love said...

cute, cute, cute!! always. =)

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