Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wyatt's Baptism

The Burns Family has had a busy weekend. We had Wyatt baptized this morning at St. Andrew's. My sister Katherine, came home from Chicago for the occasion, so we have been having lots of fun family time since Friday. Katherine went to school with Megan and Molly and helped in their classrooms on Friday morning. And Saturday we played at my parents house all day while my mom and I cooked up a storm for the brunch we had for family and friends this morning after Wyatt's baptism. We are headed back tonight after naps to BBQ and carve pumpkins.

Wyatt was a perfect little 5 week old this morning - cute as a bug in his starched white outfit. (I couldn't resist the tiny white and blue satin shoes). He slept right up until Dr. Huffman kissed his little head and touched it with the water. Then I sat the rest of the service in the cry room and nursed him, thankful for the cushy rocking chair and air conditioning! The girls were beautiful and happy. Stealing the show with their gold tutus. Short of Molly wanting to take off her shoes at the exact minute we were standing in front of the congregation - they were both on their best behavior.

Brunch back at my parents house was yummy and fun. I've been obsessed with the blue and brown combo ever since Wyatt was born. His announcements were these colors, the baptism invitation, and hence - the theme for today's brunch. I thought it all came together nice with the Fall colors, pumpkins and sunflowers. My mom bought See's Candy chocolate cigars to pass around too.

Matt and I are blessed to have such great friends and family to raise our children around. Crarys, Urbans, Ekedals, Magraths, and Meredith - We are so thankful for the support and love that you bring to our family - unconditionally and often! Uncle TJ and Aunt Erin, Uncle Andy and Aunt Adrie, and Aunt Kate - your relationships with our children make us smile. They love you so much and you are always thoughtful, kind and take time to be on their level. Papa Don and Grammie Susan, Papa Tim and Grandma Janis - we couldn't raise our children without your help. We are so lucky and thankful to have you both right down the street! Great Grandma Nancy and Great Aunt Sally - how special that our kids have you in their lives. You always make the extra effort to be involved in all we do and we so appreciate that you care. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!


Joanna said...

Everything looks beautiful. I am so sorry I missed it. :-(

Andy said...

Thank you for the kind words :>) Your children light up my life whenever I am near them. I look up to both you and Matt with your amazing parenting skills and I can only hope to be as good of parents as you are to your little ones.

Don't get any ideas though, Adrie is not Pregnant... yet!

Love You

Tonya said...


Your little family is so beautiful! I love all the pics that you shared here. Your little man is soooooo cute! I wanna a boy!

The halloween pics above are so cute too! I had to push Ella around trick-or-treating this year in a stroller because she was coming down with the flu...bummer, but she was so excited about it, I couldn't bear to have her miss it.

Hope you are all well...


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