Sunday, November 11, 2007

Matt's 32nd Birthday

Matt was a c-section when he was born, and his mother had the foresight to choose Veteran's Day, November 11th, as his birthday. He's always had a day off of school or work for his birthday. This year, we've been celebrating a little bit each day all weekend.

Friday night I surprised him with a night out! We left all 3 kids for the first time with my parents. I arranged for some of our friends to meet us at a indoor cart racing place called Dromo One. All the guys suited up in jump suits, helmets, and gloves and made their way around the track. It was fun to watch and I think they all enjoyed the competitive spirit. The carts go about 40 mph and each race lasted 25 laps. Matt has been wanting to try this place out for almost 2 years, but we just never find the time. So I was glad he got to go, share the experience with his friends, and have such a fun time. After racing, we all went to Benihana and enjoyed dinner, complete with a chocolate cake I brought from home that the girls and I had made. It was a great night with great friends. Good memories.

Today Matt had to work most of the day at Football. Newport made it to the first round of the playoffs so this morning the coaches went to the CIF offices and found out who they play and exchanged tapes with the other team. Then back to Newport to break down the tapes and decide the best plan of attack. Newport will face Notre Dame next Friday night. Go Sailors!

So this morning the girls and I made another chocolate cake.
This time with caramel and pecans inside.

We were planning on taking it to the football office after naptime for Matt to share with the coaches. But he finished earlier than expected. So we took it over to Matt's parent's house and surprised Grandma Janis and Papa Tim instead. Matt's mom made us dinner and we all enjoyed celebrating and relaxing as a family.
The girls had fun helping Daddy blow out ALL 32 of his candles!

While Wyatt slept thru most of the party.
Happy Birthday Daddy! We Love You!

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Joanna said...

Now THAT'S a fun weekend!

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