Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Makin' Mickey Cakes

When I was a kid we didn't go out to eat that much. Now having three kids of my own (who don't even eat much yet!) I am fast learning why. It's expensive to take a family of 6 out to eat! I remember being in the car, driving home from church on Sundays, and my brothers and sister and I would always ask "Dad, can we go out to breakfast?" and my Dad would reply "Sure! I have an amazing restaurant to take you to. It's called Twenty Three Eleven." We would all groan. Because we knew he was talking about HOME. 2311 was our address. While we didn't think it was very exciting, I have to admit, my Dad is quite the breakfast cook and would always make us pancakes, bacon, eggs, sometimes even waffles topped with warm syrup and vanilla ice cream!

Now - During Football season, Matt works every Saturday from about 8-4 watching films and breaking down tapes to decide the best plan of attack for the next weeks game. SO - the kids and I have a standing breakfast reservation at what has now become my favorite restaurant - 2311. We make it to Grammie and Papa's house just in time to smell the bacon cooking on the griddle and for Molly to help mix the pancake batter. My Dad is the greatest, in that he never tires of involving the girls in the simple tasks he is performing. He lets them measure the pancake mix, stir the batter, pour their own juice, and scramble the eggs. He also wins major brownie points for shaping all the pancakes to look like Mickey Mouse.

Thanks Grammie and Papa for being such gracious hosts EVERY weekend! We have so much fun at your house - and we NEVER leave hungry!


Joanna said...

When can I come over??

~love said...

oh, erin! what wonderfully fun & meaningful traditions you do with your family! (some of my favorite memories are my mom making mickey pancakes each saturday!)
i do hope you're still considering once upon a family...because you're already living our lifestyle! it can only help you preserve this awesome memories & continue creating the awesome legacy! =)
(i'll e-mail you soon again so we can "talk"!)

how very fun! =)

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