Thursday, February 14, 2008

For My Valentine

Today might bring to some fragrant flowers or roses
It's more likely we'll smell diapers that turn up our noses
Others might get chocolate and underwear of silk
Again, more likely for us to find those in the kids' soy milk
A Jr. Kindergarten info meeting was our last date
Ate fast food in the car on our way home, so we'd make it by eight
For the kids' bedtime routine - what a song and dance
Then fell asleep to reality TV - ahhh what romance
We are overworked and over stressed
We're underpaid and need more rest
But even the most plain, ordinary of days
Spent with you is a sure fire way
To fill my heart with joy and laughter
For you, my love, are my happily ever after
My peace of mind and my best friend
Our love grows and changes and sometimes bends
But never will our love break
For you and me are all I want to make
From now till the end, thru thick and thin
In love with you is what I'm in

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!

(The song we danced to at our wedding)


Mr. Burns said...

Great Poem, Baby! I love you so much! Thanks for being such a great MOM and Wife. See you later. You made my day.

love u,

~love said...

happy love day to you both! we're off to have a glass of wine and some reality TV ourselves. =)

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