Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Molly!

Dear Molly,

Today you are THREE! I am so blessed to have been given the gift of being your Mommy. We have a special connection you and I. I think Megan shares it more with Daddy. And you share it more with me. A special little something about you that pulls at my heart. I can't really say what it is, but I know the feeling all too well. It's not that you are my "favorite" - because given the opportunity, I can come up with a hundred reasons why each of my children is my favorite. But maybe it's because of your curly blond hair, your apple cheeks, your big round eyes, your heart shaped face. You are a "mini-me." Many times have I stared at a picture of me when I was two and been in awe of the similarities. The only way I can tell it's me and not you is the retro 70's garb Grammie used to dress me in!

You are so full of life. You start your day going 100 mph and never slow down. You are up and wide awake, dressing yourself within 2 minutes of getting out of bed. Within 5 minutes of getting out of bed you are asking for "breffest." Your favorite is scrambled eggs and waffles. But if I'm too tired or hurried to make waffles, you'll take "sugar toast" (buttered toast I cover with cinnamon sugar) as a substitute.

You love clothes! And you change yours, on average, 5 or 6 times a day! You are currently in love with what you call "my brown pants!" A pair of fleece Roxy sweatpants Grammie bought for you. No joke - you have worn them everyday for almost 2 months! I have to sneak and wash them when you are sleeping at night. While the sweatpants remain an ever constant in your wardrobe, your shirts rotate. And you put different dresses, skirts and even shorts over the sweatpants. I have to bribe you to get you to wear anything other than flip flops on your feet. With something like 10 different pairs, you are quite the connoisseur.

In many ways you are an easy child. Usually you are extremely happy. You love to play and joke and can spend hours entertaining yourself. You talk a mile a minute, constantly asking me questions, telling me stories and making me laugh. But in just as many ways, you are my struggle. You can be so stubborn! You've been known to sit in time out for over 45 minutes rather than apologise to your sister. You also fight sleep like no other. You'll lay in your bed and whisper and play refusing fall asleep. Eventually you let out a loud moan and Daddy and I will look at each other and smile. For we know that it means you are finally giving up.

You have a few special toys that are your favorite. First there is "Big Sidney." I think you call her that because she is the biggest of all your dollies. But never fail you always call her BIG Sidney, not just Sidney. You love to push her around in your little pink dolly stroller and usually dress her in an Iowa Hawkeye cheerleader outfit that used to be Megan's when she was a baby. Big Sidney has had so much love that I have had to put her thru the wash a time or two. When it is time for bed, and Big Sid is missing, I often find her latched into Wyatt's carseat, highchair or exersaucer - you love being her Mommy!

You are also quite infatuated with My Little Pony right now. You have several - all of which you know by name - and your favorite is Rainbow Dash. When I do the dishes in the morning, you love to fill Wyatt's baby bathtub and wash all your ponies. We spend several minutes a day braiding, twisting, and tieing pony hair. Now if only you'd let me spend that much time doing your hair!

Finally - you love the camera! You are always asking me if you can use mine to take a picture - of your ponies (you took this one!) your doll house, the Wiggles on TV, or items in the pantry. I have a whole file on the computer dedicated to "Molly's photography." You are very serious in your picture taking and often they come out quite good! You also love to play with your Uncle Andy's mini camcorder making your own silly movies. So much so - that he and Adrie bought you your own for your birthday! What a lucky little girl. Maybe we have a Spielberg in the making.

I have several nicknames for you - Molly B, Silly Bean, and Missy P. I love to cuddle you and call you my baby. But you always tell me "No, I'm your Big Girl! Wyatt's your baby." I've told you the story many times about how you got your middle name, after my sister whom I love so much. When I call you by one of your nicknames you tell me "No Mom, I'm Molly Katherine!" and I'll say "Oh yes, that's right" and then you ask "You love that name, Mom?" It melts my heart everytime.

On this birthday I wish for you another year of health and silliness. I wish that as you grow you know and feel how dearly you are loved. And I wish that you never question if there is someone in your corner, for I will always be there. Happiest of days my sweet Molly B. I love you more than I can put into words on this silly blog.



britty said...

yay, happy birthday to Molly. what a big girl you are!!!

LACY said...

HB Molly. That was so cute to read.

Erin said...

SOOOO sweet and she is adorable!

~love said...

hope she had the happiest of birthdays!
so, so sweet to read....i adore her without even "knowing" her! =)

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