Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our Bowl before the Bowl

For those who know this family, it's easy to say that football plays a BIG part in much of our lives. We watch it, coach it, cheer for it, play it, and love it. So as you can imagine, this weekend is a fun filled one for us.

This afternoon we began our celebration a little early. Matt and several of his friends that he played with in high school got together for a game of flag football. The wives and kids came along too and kept ourselves busy on the sidelines as the guys did thier best at reliving a little of the glory days. After the game, we all went out to dinner together. It was such a good time, I hope it becomes an annual tradition!

We are looking forward to a fun afternoon tomorrow at the Crary's full of chips, dips, bbq, beer pong, cupcakes, a jumpy house....and oh yeah, maybe some football! Since the Broncos aren't a part of tomorrow's game, I'm cheering for Tom Brady and the Pats. 19-0 would be awesome to see.

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LACY said...

That looks like so much fun!

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