Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pillow Talk

With Molly being sick (we went back to the Dr yesterday and got a 2nd antibiotic for the double ear infection she just can't seem to kick!) there have been many nights lately that she has ended up in our bed. And then when Wyatt wakes about 4:30AM to nurse, his cries don't wake Molly - who's only 3 feet away, but they wake Megan - who's in her bed down the hall. Megan realizes that Molly is no longer in the room with her and wants to join in the snuggle too. Once Wyatt is done nursing, he easily goes back in his crib. The rest of us, all in one bed, try to squeeze one more hour of sleep out of the night. When the alarm goes off at 6 and everyone begins to stir - the girls have been asking that I bring Wyatt into bed with them so they can all snuggle, talk and play. Since this buys me another 10 minutes or so of dozing, I happily oblige. This is the conversation that occured yesterday morning during these 10 minutes.

Molly: "I love your bed, Mom."
Mom: "I know, you sleep in here every night!"
Molly: "Last night, Megan too!"
Mom: "You're right! I can't believe we all fit in here together.
How come you guys don't sleep in your own beds?
You have such nice beds!"
Molly: "No, I like your bed."
Megan: "Yeah, you should just throw our beds away!"
Megan: "There are 5 people, one parent and one sister on both sides and then Wyatt!"
Erin: "That's pretty cool for you to realize that Megan.
You are so smart."
Megan: "I know. I'm even smarter than you and Dad!"
Dad: "I don't think so!"
Molly: "I love you Megan! I love you Wyatt!"
Megan: "Mom, when I grow up I want to marry Molly."
Dad: "But Molly is your sister.
You have to marry someone from another family."
Megan: "I know I am supposed to marry a boy - but I just love her so much. I don't want to miss her!"
Erin: "Megan, that is so sweet. You can marry anyone you want to!"
Megan: "I guess I could marry Jackson."
(our friend from school and playgroup)
Molly: "I want to marry Wyatt!"
Megan: "Yeah, me too! Wyatt you're everybody's favorite!"

These morning conversations are so priceless to me. Makes that last hour of crowded sleep worth every lost minute. Maybe we should throw their beds away!


~love said...

oh my your house sounds like our house just one year ago. =)

how sweet and like you said...priceless!

LauraC said...

This is so sweet... and definitely gives me something to look forward to!!

Libby said...

That is an awesome transcript!! Makes even 5am tolerable, doesn't it?

Erin said...

I love these conversations too!!!

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