Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Is...

The newness of Spring
Baby animals
Baked Ham
Green grass
Yellow daffodils
Hallelujah, He is Risen!
A father's sacrifice
He paid my debt
Chocolate eggs
Dudley's egg dye
The smell of vinegar
Easter Lillies
Baskets and plastic grass

We had a mellow, but fun Easter weekend. We dyed eggs last night - it was quite funny. Mine turned out the ugliest! I tried to do too much and it just ended up brown and smeared. Very disappointing...But the girls had lots of fun and had tinted fingertips when they went to bed. All 3 kids have coughs and green snotty noses - so we decided not to brave the nursery at church this morning. Instead we took Duke to Dog Church - the River Jetty - and let him run and fetch his heart out in the ocean. Then we spent the day with my family eating lots of good food and telling all sorts of stories that made each other laugh. My dad bought a face painting kit and tried it out on the girls. Megan was Minnie Mouse and Molly was the Easter Bunny. I will have to get some pictures from my parents of that. They looked so cute and had such fun.

And what could be more "SPRING" than this?! We have discovered that a mommy and daddy House Finch have chosen the light right outside our dining room window to make their home! Such brave little birdies building their home around such noisy kids and a DOG! We've enjoyed watching both of them build a nest for the past few days. The girls think it's funny that the boy bird is the colorful one, while the girl bird is just plain brown. Today the nest finally looked complete and we saw the mommy sitting on it most of the day. But everytime I tried to zoom in to snap a picture of her, she'd fly away. I told the girls that she was probably sitting on some eggs - but it was hard for them to believe with the nest being so high up. We couldn't see inside for verification! So I got out the ladder and reached my camera up and over the nest and snapped a pic. You can imagine the squeals of delight that came out of all of us when we saw the picture! Megan loves that "her birds" lay hot blue eggs! This will be so fun to watch with the girls. I can't wait for them to hatch. Hope I can get a picture of that!

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LACY said...

Is that string in the nest?? Very impressive nest anyway. The girls look so cute making their eggs. Happpy late Easter!
PS the pics of Wyatt above are to die for!

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