Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Alright - enough politics for awhile. How about some photos of the cutest kids in the world to make this truly a 'Good Friday'!
Nothing goes better with early morning cartoons than Skittles!
This is the first picture I have taken that has made me stop and LOVE, realize, really take in the fact that we have THREE kids. Most of the pictures I have taken - up until now - have been one of the two girls and then another of just Wyatt. This is the first picture that I feel gives me a glimpse into our future. ALL THREE TOGETHER. As one, united, partners in crime. Come on - admit it, Wyatt's smile is worth a million dollars!
I literally CANNOT put into words the love that is in my heart for these three individuals. When you have only one child - and then you are blessed to be pregnant with almost feel guilty thinking to yourself...."How will I ever love another child as much as I love this first one?!" And then the second one is born. Not a minute goes by before you are wondering how you ever KNEW the meaning of love before this SECOND child blessed your existence. Your heart grows, swells, fills, overflows.

My Rockstars in training

I think it is these very feelings however that have motivated us to be COMPLETE at three. Because now that I know how fast and easy my heart grows for another little member of our family, have realized that I will always want more babies. The minute my littlest one is sleeping thru the night and calling out "DADA" (ALL 3 of mine mastered DaDa before MaMa! - Hello! Who wakes in the night to feed you!!) I start to have a panicky feeling like my baby is slipping away...must be time to have another. And I am overwhelmed with the reality that time marches on.

LOVE LOVE LOVE, I have a crush on this boy!

But I can't just go on having babies forever. I want to be the best mom I can to these three. So it is time for me to start cherishing the next step in life. My wise mother is always telling me to take it slow. "This 'Baby-time' is so short, such a small part in your life as a mother" she says, "There is so much still ahead of you to experience and enjoy!" I Hope So!


jenny said...

Thanks so much for your note. I love checking out your blog! You have the freakin cutest crew on your hands with those kids! Have a wonderful Easter and can't wait to see the pics!

Aubs said...

Too cute! Your kids just make me smile....their happiness just radiates and I love it! It takes an amazing Mommy to have such beautifully happy kiddos!! And thank you so much for your comment on my was so kind and truly touched my heart!

LACY said...

I love that pic with all 3 together! SO CUTE!!!

~love said...

i totally hear you on all of this. =)
and love your green obama tee below. i have a yellow/red one with his face on it you showed on your blog another time...and love it. =)
it's crazy how big wyatt is already!!

Libby said...

So much of what you said is exactly how I feel. I am so IN LOVE with my two boys, that I want to have six more... but I know that I wouldn't be able to be the parent I want to be to all of them, so just loving each phase of their growing up will be plenty to keep my heart and hands busy!

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