Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Momma's got a brand new...

PHONE! Here is my new best friend.
(Thanks for the test drive, Katherine!)

Except mine is RED. It came in PINK too, which the girls loved. But I just couldn't do it. Pink is just a little too, well, pink for me. Plus my Obama screen saver looks so much better on Red. :)

I have had the same cell phone for almost 5 years. I mean this thing is a DINOSAUR. Add the fact that I let the girls play with it - and the thing is a total joke. Half the time the LCD screen doesn't work, it drops every other call, the antennae - YES! it is so old it still has an antennae - is all crooked and bent, and the battery holds a charge for maybe an hour. It drives Matt nuts that whenever he calls, I never answer. With my new smartphone I can talk, check email, instant message, and text. So I guess there is no excuse for not being able to get ahold of me now! It hot syncs to my laptop and will keep me uber organized (that is the hope!) with all my contacts and calendar right at my fingertips all the time.

On another note - THANKS for the breastfeeding advice Libby!! Wyatt and I are back on track. After I got your comment yesterday I gave him lots of skin to skin time and tried again (with new resolve that it would work!) right before I went to bed and he was still half asleep. He fussed and didn't want to latch on, so I gave him a warm bottle and then quickly switched over after about a minute. He latched right on and did great. This morning I had to do the same trick once, but since then he's been nursing great! Honestly - just reading that this "Nursing Strike" happens to other moms and that it was possible for him to go back made all the difference. I had almost given up - but I was so sad. So I am glad I kept trying!

Amy - I'll post pics of my sewing projects and the baby shower later today or manana! Thanks for asking. I just have to get the pics uploaded. All my free minutes to be "techno" were gobbled up by my new phone yesterday!


Jean Marie Bibby said...


Use a pattern! I used a simplicity pattern, but there are tons of them on the internet. Just google it, "free tote bag pattern."

Hehehe, hope you do better than I did my first one. ;-)

Jennifer said...

That's the phone that I just got!! I love will too!! Glad things are better on the nursing front!! I can understand how difficult that would be!! Take care! XOXO

Joanna said...

Congrats on your new phone. So I can text you now? Your number is the same?
Thank you for the lasagna offer. I really want to taste that recipe! Unfortch, we're in Genoa. Darn. Next time?

Anonymous said...

You so stole my phone, love it!

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