Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Our Papa Rocks!

My parents just bought new patio furniture. A table, 8 chairs and a chaise lounge.

The furniture came in A LOT of heavy duty cardboard boxes. Our Papa built a HUGE playhouse out of them for the girls to play in.

My mom said he spent almost 3 hours on it and didn't come inside until well after dark! It is complete with a door that opens and closes, windows, and a table and chairs. Since these pictures were taken, he's also added a stove and a fridge. He even made a little frying pan with eggs in it - all out of cardboard! He is so fun.

Last week he got out all sorts of art supplies - chalk, paint, crayons - and let the girls go to town decorating it. It kept them happy and busy for hours. While there may be lots of Papas who would go to all this trouble for their grandkids to have a little fun - I don't know many who would be happy to have this cardboard contraption remain indefinitely in their driveway! But our Papa is. And therefore he ROCKS! Thank you Papa. We love you so much!


Anderson said...


Joanna said...

Oh my gosh, that's so funny. I drove by your parents' house today, saw the box contraption, and wondered what that could be. I was going to ask if they were moving!
I remember my dad gave us a huge refrigerator box to play in in the backyard one time. I thought it was so nice of him. It was tons of fun to play with, too. Your dad, however, built a darn mansion. Much better than mine was.

Libby said...

And I thought Alex had it good with two empty car seat boxes that have some holes punched in the side so he can screw his playschool bolts into them... wow!

Erin said...

That is way fun!!! What a cool papa!

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