Monday, April 21, 2008

It's That Time Again

Matt started checking the bird traps at Strawberry Farms again at the beginning of the month. The girls go with him almost every afternoon. But Wyatt and I usually stay home. Besides the fact that it would be a little cramped for all 5 of us in one golf cart - he usually naps later than the girls do and when he wakes - he just wants to play and EAT! On Sunday, however, it just so worked out that Wyatt was rested, full and happy when it was time to go. So he and I tagged along.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. A little crisp with the wind, but clear and sunny. We took two golf carts - which meant I drove one with Wyatt in the front pack. The girls thought it was hilarious that it looked like Wyatt was "driving." We had so much fun. I forget how nice it is to get out in the open - where you can smell the sage brush, listen to the birds, feel the sun and wind on your face....and not hear a television or phone for almost 2 hours! Very rejuvenating! Maybe this should be our Sunday afternoon ritual. A great way to end the weekend.

My pictures don't quite do the beauty of the place justice. Tonya - everywhere I turned, I kept thinking to myself "Oh Tonya could take some amazing pictures here!" You'll have to go check it out for a photo op sometime. Great natural scenery and backgrounds. Anyhow - here's a slideshow of our excursion. Loving the rattlesnake warning sign.

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