Thursday, May 08, 2008

Is This Heaven?

No, it's Iowa.

Well, not really of course. We haven't moved. But the way these two little girls are SO PROUD of the corn they are growing, you'd think we had our own "Field of Dreams" in our garden. They go out and check it every day to see how much it has grown. They water it, frisk it, measure it, and get down on all fours to inspect the earth around it. Corn on the cob is by far Megan and Molly's favorite vegetable. I'm not kidding when I say they can each put away 3 or 4 ears in one sitting. (I think it's genetic, their Iowa born father is the same way.) So they can't wait for the day they actually get to pick - and eat! - the corn they have grown!

We also had an early crop of strawberries that the girls picked yesterday. They were SO SWEET! Hopefully we get more as the summer goes on.


Aubs said...

YUMMY!! We love fresh picked strawberries...any berries actually!! We should be able to start picking strawberries soon...enjoy your home grown goodness!! And i love the corn and how proud they are of it...TOO CUTE!! =)

Joanna said...

Good for you! I can't wait to get into gardening. Where are those stawberries?
And where is the picture of Wyatt in his overalls?????!

Libby said...

That's awesome. I remember growing carrots with my dad when I was about Megan's age. Hope you get LOTS of sweet corn!

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