Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We are in TROUBLE!

Last Friday night, after I put Wyatt to bed, Matt and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking and sharing a glass of wine. The girls were playing in the living room, being silly and having fun. Megan said to me "Mom, we don't want to go to bed! We want to stay up late with you guys!" Something in me just said "Don't make them." So we told the girls they could stay up late and hang out with us and then go to sleep in the same bed and have "Secret Sister Time." They were so happy it was ridiculous. They danced and laughed and played until almost 10:30 at night.

When they were finally exhausted, both girls climbed into the top bunk and got under the covers together. They were little giggle monsters - they couldn't believe Mom and Dad were letting them sleep together. We hugged and kissed them goodnight and then the following conversation ensued:

Mom - "I love you girls. Have fun having Secret Sister Time!"

Megan - "But what should we do for Secret Sister Time?"

Mom - "Oh, I don't know. You can just talk and snuggle, tell each other ghost stories!"

Megan - "But I don't know any ghost stories."

Mom - "Okay, well then, why don't you tell Molly a story about Ponies instead?"

Molly - "Mom - actually can't we just talk about SHOES!?"

I didn't even know what to say. I just laughed, sighed and shook my head in disbelief all at the same time. Matt rolled his eyes and muttered - "Oh we are in such trouble in about 10 years!"

Silly Mommy - I should know Secret Sister Time is not complete without a discussion about SHOES! Here are my two little girly-GIRLS after their shoe talk, fast asleep. Melt my heart!

I love that even when given a choice - these two always want to be together. I hope they are always best friends like they are today and that Friday night Secret Sister Time lasts forever!


Aubs said...

How incredibly sweet! And funny!! May they always be each others best friend and enjoy their time together!

For me i think it would go something more like "Mom can we just talk about snakes" or "Mom can we just talk about bugs"! Such is the life being the mama of 2 boys!! My monkeys have taken to sleeping together lately and Brayden sleeps so much better that we have just been letting them do it every night!!

Anderson said...


Jennifer said...

that's the cutest thing ever!!!

Joanna said...

There is just something about sisters... I'm so grateful to have one, and so grateful to be givig Whitney one.

~love said...

awww...i LOVE secret sister time. melt my heart, too. =)

you all are doing an amazing job, erin. blessings!

LauraC said...

My sister and I had lots of secret sister time after our parents went to sleep! I treasure those memories and wonder what secret brother time will be... so far it is lots of hitting and punching!

Erin said...

Such sweet sister time! Love the shoe comment!!!

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