Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

My laptop was down today - and I was freaking out since I haven't uploaded pics to Shutterfly since February! But my stud husband, who can fix anything, came home from work and made everything all better. So I am back! (And frantically uploading!)

We had a fun filled, jam packed day Sunday. All the kids were up before 6AM because Matt tried to go surfing early-early! I swear they can sense when he gets out of bed. Once Daddy is up, one of them usually starts to stir and so begins the awakening process. So he left about 6AM and the rest of us watched cartoons and colored Father's Day cards for Daddy and our Papas. Unfortunately there weren't any good waves, so Matt was back by 7AM.

We headed over to my parents' house where I made Eggs Benedict (Matt's favorite) and hashbrowns for everybody. GG brought Papa Don's favorite Cinnamon Rolls and we all stuffed ourselves silly, played in the backyard, and watched the start of the US Open.

After Wyatt woke from his morning nap, we headed home to get our suits and sand buckets and get down to the BEACH! Daddy loves the beach, and it was turning out to be a beautiful day - so where better to spend Father's Day afternoon? Wyatt made his first venture into the COLD ocean, and wasn't too impressed. He liked watching the water, but once I put his toes in he cried. Right as I was pulling him back up into my arms, a wave crashed right over his head. He gasped and gasped and was pretty mad. But he recovered quickly and proved to be much happier playing in - and eating - the sand! The girls had fun building sand castles, collecting shells to decorate them and running from the waves.

Each year on Father's Day, I am going to try and take this same picture. The kid's hands all holding Matt's hand. Won't it be fun to watch their little fingers grow over the years? I got this idea from Love and couldn't wait to start this tradition in our family.

After the beach, we headed home for naps and a little regrouping. In the late afternoon we went over to Matt's parents' house for pool time and a BBQ. The girls were little fish in the "princess pool" (what they call the jacuzzi because it is just the right size and always warm!) and Wyatt LOVED the pool too! I mean LOVED it! He splashed and giggled and played in the water a full hour past his dinner time without getting fussy! I really shouldn't be that surprised, considering how he is in the bath, but I was.

After all this fun, at the end of the day, I realized I never stopped to tell my husband how happy I am that he is my children's Daddy. I know, he knows, that as a Dad, I think he rocks. But it never hurts to hear it. So Matthew - I couldn't have hand picked a better Father if I tried. Your children get giddy when you are around because of how much they love you. The way you play with them, comfort them, protect them, laugh with them, teach them - it all makes me smile. I love to watch you with them. Thank you for all you do as a Daddy - for me and your children. You work hard to give us all the best life and the happiest family. I love you! Happy Father's Day!


Aubs said...

What a great Father's Day it sounds like you had!! I love all the pictures and the pic of Daddy's hand w/ all of the kiddos hands is precious!!

Happy Father's Day Matthew! The love your lil ones have for you shines in the pictures and is wonderful!

Anderson said...

What an amazingly blessed life you all have. May God continue to bless you with such happiness and love!!! Happy Daddy's Day!!

~love said...

i'm SO happy you're doing the hand picture. = )

i never got mine posted...i've been a "little" sick. come visit me....


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