Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Got Twins??

So I know there are some readers of this blog that are Moms of twins...or Moms to Be of twins. Brooke, Susan, Sharon. Well it just so happens that I am a regular reader of another blog - Laura's Mommy Journal. Laura is also a Twin Mom. If you have twins, you must go read her blog. She is honest, down to Earth, hilarious, and a plethora of knowledge in the department of managing with multiples!

Every time a new celebrity has twins, she always writes them a letter. She's written to Marcia Cross, Mia Hamm, McDreamy, and JLo. Her most recent letter to Angelina is classic. Seriously - even if you don't have twins, you must go read these letters. They are hilarious!

Laura also writes for another blog called How Do You Do It? Where Moms of multiples tell it like it is. I'm sure it can offer you gals a world of Twin Tips! Happy Surfing.

1 comment:

LauraC said...

Thanks for the shout out! That People spread did NOT disappoint. We can make a bet... I bet that when Jen finally has kids, the pics will be all about her! If I'm right, then you will feel ok about going over to Team Angelina.

And peeps with twins on the way - REST, get as much help lined up as possible, and do everything you ever wanted to do right now!! ha ha.

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