Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Green Thumb

So my tomato plants are taller than our 6 foot high fence. They have started to take over the right side of the driveway as well. Who knew they would get so out of control!? But the tomatoes are SO YUMMY! Which is funny in and of itself, because I despised tomatoes my entire life...until I got pregnant with Wyatt. Then I craved them all the time. Now - almost a year after he was born - I still love tomatoes. Weird. Here are some fruits of my labor.

All the green ones fell of the vine as I was trying to stand one plant back up that had tipped over. I put them up on the top of the fence, and they are all turning red too!
These are the Mammoth Sunflowers I planted in May. The top of that white fence it 6 feet. Seriously - they tower! I love it.

Are you kidding how big the leaves get? Megan and Molly can't believe it!

Sunshine Happiness that greets us every morning out the kitchen window!
Warning - picture overload coming tomorrow. The rest of our Chicago Site Seeing!


LauraC said...

Doh. I think I forgot to hit Publish on my very long comment. Boo. I'll just post a link for YUMMY tomato recipe:

Aubs said...

you are soooo lucky to have a green thumb!! I really stink at keeping plants alive. Hubby is much better at it..i must work on that! anyway...the sunflowers are gorgeous and the tomatoes look yummy!!

Joanna said...

I can personally testify to the deliciousness of your tomatoes. Whit ate every bite of her tomato basil pasta that I made with them.

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