Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Chicago Pics

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane...Don't know when I'll be back again!What does a little girl from California find the most exciting about Big City life in Chicago??

Revolving Doors, of course! I think I have about 10 variations of this photo. She would always circle round at least two times before coming in or out! It was cute to watch.

Public Transportation ran a very close second.
Megan had fun in Taxis (land and water),

The bus,

and the El Train.

But I think her favorite part of the whole trip was having Aunt Kate and Uncle Paul ALL TO HERSELF!

Paul scored major points this trip - and may even be cooler than Katherine now in Megan's eyes! He carried her on his shoulders whenever we had to walk farther than 2 blocks. He raced her down street after street - to get her to walk some more! Took her "out deep" into Lake Michigan, jumped over the waves at the shore with her for hours, and dug a hole in the sand with his bare hands and flip flops big enough to bury her in! He never tired of playing hide and seek in the apartment and enjoyed sharing bowls of Lucky Charms with her in the mornings. He even left work in the middle of the day on Tuesday to meet us for lunch. Thank You for all your love and attention, Paul! You made Megan's trip SO much fun!

This is the view out of Kate and Paul's window. Lake Shore Drive is below with Oak Street Beach, the north end of downtown, and Navy Pier in the distance.

They live on the 9th floor and the highlight of each trip out (or back in) for Megan was getting to push all the elevator buttons!

There was a park one block from their building that Megan enjoyed playing at in the afternoon. She befriended a little girl named Anna in the first 5 minutes and had a blast.

More pics of her American Girl Party and our site seeing later this week. For now - here is a sneak peak of some of our FUN! She liked being taller than the Sears Tower!


Aubs said...

How FUN!! I'm sure Megan is going to remember this trip the rest of her life! Isn't it fun to occasionally take time to notice the world thru a child's eyes?? Revolving doors, public transportation, pushing elevator buttons...all things we don't think twice about yet a child is able to find so much joy in them!

LauraC said...

This was a great trip down memory lane for me (and great memory lane making for Megan)! The one thing I DO NOT MISS about Chicago is revolving doors. I hate them! It is so nice to live in a place with normal doors again.

And you will find this hilarious... the one thing I always wanted to do in Chicago was take a water taxi. My corporate housing downtown was at a water taxi stop and my office was at a water taxi stop. When I finally took one with Jon it was SO AWESOME.

Anderson said...

What a great city experience for your Cali girl! I think sometimes us Eastcoaster take for granted the cool parts of living in the city--or near one. And that Paul!! What a catch Katherine has gotten! I would expect nothing less for our Princess Kate!!

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