Monday, September 01, 2008

Are You Ready?


Newport's Kickoff Rally was last Thursday night. The girls love this event - the beginning of Daddy's football season. The gym is full of players and parents, the band blasts "Anchors Aweigh" and the Cheerleaders do their thing. Everyone recognizes Megan and Molly and stops to say hello. I can see in their eyes that they know their Daddy is important and that makes them feel special. It is fun for me to see that pride and love on their faces!

I happen to think these are three of the cutest Sailor Fans around!Go Newport!!


Aubs said...

I might just have to agree with you that those have to be 3 of the cutest sailor fans! I love the girls' little cheerleading outfits...FUN!! We LOVE football in our household as well and are looking forward to getting back to the south where we might actually get to watch our beloved Cowboys play more often! Here's to a great season!

Jennifer said...

Definitely the cutest Sailors EVER!!!

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