Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Megan and Molly are really into Superheroes right now. They both watched the Spiderman movies with Daddy, and sometimes early in the mornings, we find old Superman or Spiderman cartoons on TV. We've also read a Bible series together that talks about being Superheroes for God.

The other day Megan colored and cut out a big "S" and then asked me to tape it onto her shirt. Molly was standing right behind her with a "W" in hand. Happy to oblige, I asked them why we were taping letters onto their shirts. Megan replied, in a tone that told me her answer should have been totally obvious, "Because Mom! I am Super Girl and Molly is Wonder Woman!"
Loving this fierce faced one.So happy I am in good hands!


Aubs said...

How cute is this?? I do alot of tying blankets around shoulders for capes and such but of course i do...i have BOYS! I love the creative mixed w/ superheroes! TOO FUN!

~love said...

so stinkin' sweet. i adore them. =)
why aren't we hanging out once a week, again?! (2000 miles apart, you say?!)

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