Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Going to the Chapel

And They're Gonna Get MARRIED!
Paul asked Katherine to be his Bride on Saturday! The Gregg Fam couldn't be happier. Paul has felt like one of us for some time and it is fun to finally make it official.
They went to Ann Arbor this weekend for the Michigan Wisconsin game. Which Michigan managed to pull out in the end with 3 touchdowns in the fourth quarter!
That morning before the game, Paul kidnapped Katherine and took her to their favorite old stomping grounds for breakfast. Then they walked around campus, ending at the Arch in the Diag, where Paul proposed. The Arch separates west side of campus from east, with the Diag in the middle. It used to be that men couldn't go to certain areas of the west side of campus that were "girls only." So girls would meet their date under the Arch and then be escorted through the Diag by the boys. Michigan lore has it that if you kiss under the arch on a date, then you will get married! What an apropos place for these two alum to get engaged.

Under the Arch

Congratulations you two! We are so excited! You both are such amazing people. When one is around you, it is easy to see how much you care for one another. A lifetime of fun and happiness awaits.


Aubs said...

YAY!!! Congratulations to both of them....what fun! And how exciting for the whole family!

Libby said...

Finally!!! I knew you were either going to say it was Kate and Paul or you were miraculously pregnant again... so congrats Kate and Paul!!

~love said...

awww...what a sweet little proposal! =)
congratulations katherine and paul!

Joanna said...

How romantic!

Jennifer said...

That's fantastic!!! Congrats!!

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