Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Phantom Purse

Anyone who knows Molly knows she ALWAYS has a purse on her arm. And I mean always. She has been known to go to the beach and play in the waves with a purse on her arm! No Joke. She is always busying herself with packing her purse full of "special stuff" - my old lip glosses, costume jewelry, my old cell phone, receipts I have given her, and little pieces of paper she colors on and calls her "checks and tickets." Whenever she does set her purse down, it isn't for long. She'll realize that it is missing and frantically run around the house yelling "Purse Purse Purse!" until it is found. Before bed, she needs to know that her purse is safe and sound on the table next to her bed. When I go in to check on her before I go to bed, her purse has often magically migrated from bedside table to between the sheets! The other day we were playing in the backyard at my Mom's house. Molly had left her purse in the car when we went into Grammie's house. About 15 minutes into her play, she turns to me with a silly look on her face and says:

"Mom - I just looked at my arm and I can't see my purse...but it still feels like I have a purse on my arm!" 

Oh Molly! You make me laugh. Seems your purse has become such a part of you, it's like a Phantom Limb when it's not around. Being without it, is truly like an amputation!

Pics of Wyatt's "Little Kahuna" Birthday Party tomorrow. For now...here's a Burns Brood sneak peek!


Aubs said...

Oh my goodness....Miss Molly and me might just be soul sisters!! I am soooo a purse girl...i love my purses!! =)

And your family is gorgeous...looks like quite a party is in your forcast!!!

Jennifer said...

what a great family pic!

Anonymous said...

My vote is you use this pic for Christmas cards, each one of you looks healthy, happy and beautiful!

~love said...

this is a WONDERFUL family photo!!

and seriously, molly just cracked.me.up.

Joanna said...

I totally got a kick out of Molly's comment. I know exactly what she is describing.

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