Friday, October 17, 2008

Daddy's Biggest Fans

These pics are from a game a couple weeks ago - hence the shorts, flip flops and bare feet. But it's been in the 80's all week - so the kids might be in similar clothes tonight. I love their smiles, and the sun setting, the palm trees in the background and all the football uniforms. Wyatt had just thrown his little football in this picture.
And had decided he was done being cute by the railing in this one. Seems my one year old is faster than the shutter on my camera. Lucky for me, the girls humor me a little bit longer.
Every game day I make a cheesecake for the coaches. It started out as a fluke. The first game Matt ever coached, I just so happened to have made a cheesecake the night before. That morning he asked if he could take it and share it with all the coaches. Well - they won that night. And so my superstitious husband asked for another the following week. You can see where this is going, right? They won every single game that season - 14-0 including the CIF championship. Ever since then, cheesecake and game day have been synonymous. Here's the kicker...this is Matt's eleventh season.

Count 'em...that's somewhere in the range of 130+ cheesecakes! So you can bet I have this recipe down pat. It's easier than you think, and so yummy! Find it HERE.


Aubs said...

What a FUN tradition!! I love me some cheesecake so i might just have to try this recipe! BUT...i'll have to wait until we are having friends over so i don't eat the whole thing myself!! =)

Mr. Burns said...

Dude, You can't just pass that recipe around! It's going to lose its mojo!

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