Thursday, October 09, 2008

Entomologist in the Making

Megan has always been fascinated with bugs. Never afraid of them. Just fascinated. I remember once at our Mommy and Me class when she was only two, a boy ran screaming from a Little Tykes car. She promptly walked over to the car, peered inside, scooped up the object of terror and turned to the boy and said "Just a spider." Last week she caught a grasshopper outside our front door. She asked if we could put a string on him so she could "walk" him around.
Whenever I am digging in the garden, she tells me "Mom, promise when you find a worm, you'll give it to me!" This week she caught a caterpillar and kept it in a glass jar for two days, feeding it leaves from our garden. She kept track - he didn't like basil, parsley or lavender, but he did eat the mint. While I must admit, her eagerness gives me a bit of the hibee jibees...You can imagine how happy it makes her Biologist Daddy.

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Aubs said...

Oh my goodness....Colby and Megan would have a BLAST together!! He LOVES all things nature especially critters of any kind! He prefers to read non fiction books about animals, bugs, sharks, etc.....while i certainly do not share this passion it is fun to see him be so passionate about something!!

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