Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Yesterday was a day full of firsts.

First time I had to get TWO girls up and dressed, brushed, fed, out the door with matching shoes, all before the bell rings. (Tomorrow will the the first time that somewhere in there, the dog gets fed too!)

First time my house has been quiet at 10AM in over 5 years. (Perhaps this is why I realized scratching on backdoor = starving dog!)

First time I said goodbye to my second born as she went into her first classroom and took her seat without a tear or even a little lip quiver. Just a confident "Good Bye Mommy! I love you!" (NOT the first time Mommy has breathed a heavy sigh over the simple grace of my babies.)
First time Molly has had a chance to make friends that weren't already Megan's.

First time Megan has had the chance to be one of the oldest in her class.
First time I've considered - for a fleeting moment - home schooling my children.

First time I've received two "end of school day - happy to see you Mommy" hugs as they came barrelling out the door.

First time I got to ask TWO girls "What was fun about school today?!"

First time I have received the answer "Nothing - school was very hard for me Mommy!" from my first born.

First time my heart has broken for my little girl who normally most everything comes easy for. What could've been so hard, I wondered?

Not the first time my heart has swelled to overflowing when the answer to my question was: "I just love my sister so much Mommy, and I didn't get to see her at school one time! That was very hard for me."
I love you two little students SO MUCH! And I am so happy that you love each other. XOXOXO

In honor of our First Day of School and all the Firsts that happened in our lives on Monday - I made a donation in each of the girls' names at FirstBook.org. For just $10 you can provide 4 new books to introduce the joy of reading to a first time reader. Click Here if you'd like to put books in the hands of underprivileged kids too!


Aubs said...

Wow....i can't even imagine having both of mine in school! What a blessing that the two of them are such good friends and that they have such a loving supportive Mommy who loves them so much!!

Libby said...

What a sweet post! I can already see the bond between Alex and Josh forming and it is the most amazing thing to me. I only hope that my boys will feel the same about each other some day.

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