Friday, November 28, 2008

Red Friday

Why is it called Black Friday? Anybody know? I think it should be called Red Friday. I mean, Red is the color of Christmas, right? And Red was the color of my eyes when my alarm went off at 5:30AM this morning. Furthermore - all this shopping is putting me in the Red...Not the Black! So yes, I think Red Friday is a much better name for today.

Matt stayed home with the kids and I went shopping from 6AM till 2PM today! The first time ever I've braved the stores on Black Friday. When I was walking into TJ Maxx at the crack of dawn, ALONE, I actually giggled out loud! It was such a luxury to be by myself and able to take the time to walk up and down the aisles, browse all the merchandise, and hmmm and haaa over purchases. I got into trouble in JoAnn's and Michael's tho. I got ideas for about 20 different projects I wanted to start. But I had to remind myself I already have closets FULL of ones to complete. I think my cart was filled and emptied 3 different times with supplies I wanted, but didn't really need.

I came home with a surprise for the girls - a mini, PINK flocked, light up Christmas tree for their room! I even bought them jewel toned ornaments and iridescent snowflake garlands for them to decorate it. They were quite excited! (Allison, I know you will get a kick out of that!) I also found a couple things for Moi that I decided it was about time for. Both were on sale, of course! I'd have to say all in all, today was quite successful. I made a list, and stuck to it pretty well. And I am 90% done with my Christmas shopping! Now comes the fun part...Christmas music, decorating, baking and gift wrapping. I think it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Thanksgiving pics later this weekend!


Allison said...

You know I LOVE the pink tree! I may need to get one for my room too. A girl is never too old to enjoy some pink.

Happy Holidays!

~love said...

oh, my girls would LOVE that tree!
i feel you on the giggling from giddiness to shop alone!! that is a wonderful feeling sometimes!! =)

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