Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

For all of you who commented on my Halloween Sneak Peek Giveaway post:

My sweet Megan worked very hard writing out everyone's name.

And then we put them all in a bowl.

My sweet Molly was very proud to do the honors.
And the winner is....

Congrats Lovelyn - look for your CC Roo Gift Certificate in the mail soon! This store is right up your alley!

Today I am Thankful for my house. Matt and I have been working so hard at trying to buy one of our own - and the pieces just aren't all there yet. But I know that what makes a house a home is not whether you own the four walls that surround you - but rather what you fill them with. And we will get there soon enough. Thank You God for the roof over our heads.


Brooke said...

I agree. Your house is filled with love and that is what matters most. Erin, you amaze me!

~love said...

well, isn't this a sweet surprise right before i head off to bed??!!

thank you, erin....i'm so excited!

great job writing, megan! and you couldn't be cuter holding up my name, molly!!! = )

Aubs said...

Awesome!!! Yay for Love!! What's really funny is that i was already thinking that if i won i would use it to get Love's baby Bianca a gift!! =)

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