Monday, December 01, 2008

Merry Mondays - week 1

Merry Mondays

I had such a great response to my blog series "Thankful Thursdays" that I decided to continue the fun in December. Mondays will be "Merry" this whole month when I introduce a new woman and have her share with us her favorite Christmas tradition!

Today I am proud to introduce Aubrey Milculka. Aubs and I met through blogging. Some faithful readers may remember when I posted about her around Memorial Day. Her husband John, is in the Navy. I have always admired Aubrey's perspective. When John is deployed and she is home alone on the homefront, raising their two boys, I am sure it would be easy to get overwhelmed, lonely and depressed. But Aubrey always manages to keep her eyes on the bigger picture. She cheerfully and gracefully rises to her role as a Navy Wife and Mother and it is truly inspiring. This year the Milculka family Christmas will be extra busy...They are moving cross country to a new station assignment in Florida at the end of this week! I asked Aubs to share with me one (or some!) of her favorite family Christmas tradtitions. Even tho she has a mile long list of things to get done before the move - she was sweet enough to oblige. Here is her answer.

"The last few years have been pretty chaotic during the holidays with John's work-up (pre deployment trip) schedule, but there are a couple of traditions that we stick to regardless of what tries to get in the way!!

One of them is that we put the tree up and decorate it together as a family. We don't have a set in stone day that we do it, but whenever it happens we do it together! We play Christmas music, have hot cocoa, and just have fun! This proves to kick off the season in our home with us focused on each other and the things that really matter. It is a time I look forward to each year and will dearly miss as we don't get to decorate a tree this year.

Another tradition is on Christmas morning. The boys get to check out what Santa has left them and then we sit around the table together with our Bibles, enjoy breakfast, and read the Christmas story in Luke. It is such a great way to take the focus off of the presents and all the hype and put it back on what the season is really all about!"

Thanks Aubs for playing along! I love your traditions. We do the same when we decorate our tree too! I hope your packing and moving all go as smoothly as possible this week! CLICK HERE to read Aubrey's blog "Miculka Madness."

Visit Haute Plates today for the first of many Christmas recipes to come....Chocolate Peppermint Cookies!

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~love said...

looking forward to your merry mondays now, too, erin...thanks for doing these!

i admire and so respect aubrey's perspective, too....especially when john's away. what an amazing country we live in...and a lot of it is thanks to family's like theirs!

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