Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Nie-esque Holiday

Due to some construction on their new playground at school and because of Thanksgiving, the kids were out of school all week last week. It just so happened that my "Love of Nie" shirt came in the mail at the beginning of the break.
So I woke Monday morning feeling rather inspired. All I have come to know about this fabulous woman led to me fill our week of holidays with events that were very Nie-esque.

We had many Slow Cooker Days, staying in our jammies till almost lunch and not getting much of anything done.
We gathered up every pillow in the house and partook in a rowdy event of Couch Jumping!
And while not the result of any "tickets"...we did make (from scratch!) Pancakes topped with berries and Lemon Whipped Cream for breakfast one morning.

Thank You dear Nienie for all your inspiration. Like so many of your readers (and cjane's too!) I hope to be a little more "Nie-ish" every day. Heal, heal, heal sweet woman. Godspeed back to your Mr. Nielson and children!

This post wouldn't be complete without a self portrait of moi.CLICK HERE for my Buttermilk Pancake recipe.


Tonya said...

beautiful morning...perfect! I need to have more like those...and that breakfast looks sooooo yummy!



Joanna said...

Oooh, pretty self-portrait!

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