Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

I am a total Turkey for taking this long to get my thoughts (and pics) posted about our Thanksgiving this year. Mom was climbing back from her last chemo, and GG was healing from her heart surgery at my parent's house - so I knew Mom wouldn't be up for cooking the feast she normally does. I wished I could have hosted it all myself this year. But our house is just too small. Maybe next year we'll be in a place I can do it up right. Luckily my little brother needed some training at the most opportune time!

Charlie has been hired as a chef on a yacht that will go to Alaska from April thru September. The man of the ship told my brother that his favorite meal is a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner! So Charlie met my Mom early in the morning Thanksgiving - and truly did 90% of the work making our dinner with Mom at his side helping him along. I came over with pies, made the creamed corn and helped set the tables.

Like Mother Like Son - our twin chefs in the kitchen
My mom will probably kill me, but this picture is just TOO classic not to post!

The girls and Alyssa doing puzzles in the backyard. It was such a beautiful afternoon! How did my brother get such a sweet, hot girlfriend? Doesn't she look like she could be related to my girls?

Wyatt and Daddy playing t-ball. With Hooley, my parent's dog, primed to play fetch...er, I mean catch!

Uncle Andy and Megan playing "Wheelbarrow." Complete with Uggs. Megan thought this was the funniest thing ever!

I am most thankful for this. FAMILY. (And that we got a picture with all of us looking at the same camera at the same time!) Thanksgiving Miracle is what that is!

Two of my Turkeys. Look at the drumsticks on their plates - they were as big as their heads!

As you can see, it was a day full of Food and Family and Fun.
So much to be thankful for.


Libby said...

I LOVE that pic of your mom and Charlie in the kitchen. Tell your mom that it was worth it. Totally made my day. Give our love and kisses to your mom next time you see her!

Baby Mama said...

lol @ the comment about your brothers girlfriend!
it looks like a fun and beautiful day...and your kids, once again, are so gorgeous!

Joanna said...

Ok, need more info on Charlies job. (!) Sounds thrilling. Can you highlight him on a Monday, or something?

Aubs said...

Oh my goodness...so glad to be catching up!! Love all the pictures....you truly have such a beautiful family, Erin! I always love reading about the time you spend with all of them! Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

~love said...

love that pic of your mom and brother!!

and, another great family pic!
glad you all had a wonderful day of thanks!

Jodi de Boom Drysdale said...

Charlie is all grown up!!!! Great pics!

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