Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who's The Boss?

Apparently, not ME! My little man thinks he's the one in charge.

For the past three days I have done Wyatt's morning nap routine just like always and then put him in his crib. And for the past three days, he has giggled, jumped, stripped, and hollered rather than napped! For 30 minutes I would listen to the sound of the springs under his mattress and his little voice calling "Mama! Mama!" over and over. So, I would walk into his room and say "Not sleepy this morning, huh?" To which he would gleefully shake his head NO! I've never seen the kid so happy as when I finally took him out of his crib and put him down to play.

He's just 14 months old, but I guess he's ready to give up his morning nap. It will be a bigger change for me than it is for him, I fear! I enjoy the hour or so in the morning to get stuff done when he's down. And it's hard to entertain him all morning, especially when both his sisters are away at school! But we have been managing pretty well. Of course there has been the occasional melt down as he is adjusting. And now he barely makes it to 1PM. (Today he fell asleep in his highchair at lunch!) So I moved his afternoon nap up. He used to go down at 2 or 2:30. He's been sleeping from 1-4, sometimes 4:30 in the afternoons! So that is nice.

All in all, (mind you this is only day 4) but it is working out quite well. I think the thing I am most sad about, is I will only get one chance each day now, to have him all snugly and warm, sleepy eyed and slow to wake. It's hard to contain myself when he is in his rosey cheeked - damp, swirly haired glory!

Think maybe one day he'll have curls like this?
Hers started out just like his!

Is it weird to want to eat your children?
Yes please, I'll take three. With whipped cream and cherries on top!


LauraC said...

N&A gave up their morning nap when they moved to the toddler room at 13 months!

And if it's weird to want to eat your children, then put me in the weird category. It took everything in me not to put down the camera and eat a sleeping Nate!

Emily said...

Eating them- Not weird. Not one bit. I mean really, they did come from you so you're kinds entitled to a little bit. :)

I would ask Matt first though....
Love you!

Aubs said...

Ha! I always used to say that i just wanted to eat them up!

It is such an adjustment when they decide to suddenly drop a nap or change their routine in any way. Glad to hear it is working out ok for you...hope it continues to be a smooth transition!!

Baby Mama said...

i wish my girl had a routine! she always keeps mama guessing! i loooove sleepy baby moments too! Arabella always looks at me with sleepy eyes and rosy cheeks and gives me a kiss! :)

Anonymous said...

don't you love the 1-4 nap?! that's what the twins are doing now too...and sleeping in. hello 8am!

~love said...

is it weird to want to eat your children?!

totally cracking up.

i'm gonna go!

ellie's thinking about giving up her one nap.....i'm not so sure about that. =)

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