Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Leaf Turning Tuesdays

So last year at this time I was all about the resolutions. I made so many. And must sheepishly admit, I did not fully complete a one! Shameful. But the good intentions were there. And I did try. I did make progress. I just didn't finish out the year with a BANG - solidly able to move on to bigger and better resolutions this 2009. As I have read other's resolution posts, I have thought to myself, what will I resolve?

I looked up RESOLUTION in the dictionary and this is what I found:
1) a position arrived at after careful consideration
2) firm or unwavering adherence to oneΚΌs purpose

So I started carefully considering my purpose. Who Am I? What Do I Love? To what can I commit, decide, dedicate, and confirm my unwavering adherence? I've decided to dedicate Tuesdays in the month of January to this exercise in self awareness. My hope is that by the end of the month I will have discovered the few, most important areas in my life where I want to do more, be better, and purposely grow.

Call me egocentric to think others of you out there actually want to share in this introspection...but I do my best discovery by writing, and re-writing. (I also come up with the best ideas while grating cheese - but how often do I do that?!) So please bear with me. And try to find the humor in my journey. I may need you to remind me of it later!

What I have come up with so far for today, this first "Leaf Turning Tuesday," is that regardless of my weight, my relationships, my church attendance, my family, or my commitments, I want the life I lead to be beautiful, happy, and fulfilled. I want to be my best ME.

I think where I run into trouble is that ME wears many a hat. (Not really - I look dreadful in hats, but you know what I mean.) Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, book-recipe-craft-blog loving woman. So where do I begin? Where should I end? When to say YES? When to say No, Thank You? My plate is already quite full. I want to do my best at what God has already put before me and find happiness in the chaos, not add to it!

What I've decided is that I need to be simple. Focus on things I can do everyday, that are not time consuming, but will improve and beautify my existence and strengthen my purpose. So today, I resolve to:
  • Begin each day in Prayer
  • Wear more Yellow
  • Make out with my Husband
  • Write more Thank You notes
  • Try a tofu recipe
  • Play more and clean less
  • Wear more skirts
  • Spend time alone with each kid
  • Say I Love You
  • Dance when I get the chance
Looking forward to what next Tuesday teaches me!


LauraC said...

I love the list! I also feel overwhelmed by trying to get everything done, which is why I'm trying to use my new blog to talk about what I do accomplish. It also helps me think about what I can get done and what I want to get done.

Tonya said...

beautiful list...really..those are the things that add to your happiness and really make you a better person. I am always so impressed when you open up here and share your thoughts...

beautiful post erin...



~love said...

the beauty of these "little" things is that they really do eventually effect the "big" things. love it.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

What a nice post. Thanks I needed that today. :-)

britty said...

my list is almost the same, seriously wear more skirts is on mine too! this is doable and worthwhile, good job. and making out is such a win-win, it counts as kindness to others too!

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