Wednesday, January 07, 2009

These Are A Few Of Our

Favorite Things!

Last January I started a tradition where at the start of each year, I ask the kids for answers as to what their favorite things are and then write them down. I think it's so fun to see what changes and what stays the same as they grow. These are the exact words that came out of their mouths after I asked each question.

Megan, age 5
Color: Gold
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Drink: Water
Dessert or Treat: Vanilla ice cream cone
Toy: My American Girl Doll
TV Show: Can I say High School Musical? It's a movie, but it's my favorite!
Game to play: Wii
Car: Black car like Grammie has (Volvo SUV)
Friend: Emma (Fults)
Song: Good News
Thing to do with Daddy: Snuggle with him
Thing to do with Mommy: Crafts
About Molly: when she plays Mom and Baby with me
About Wyatt: When he wakes up from his nap and says my name
About School: Art

Molly, almost 4
Color: Hot Blue (what we call turquoise in our house!)
Food: California Rolls
Drink: Apple Juice
Dessert or Treat: Gum
Toy: Allison (her doll)
TV Show: Max & Ruby and Football
Game to play: Wii Bowling
Car: Mommy's car
Friend: Vivi (Vallely)
Song: Santa Baby
Thing to do with Daddy: Snuggle with him
Thing to do with Mommy: Go to the grocery store
About Megan: When she swings on the swings with me
About Wyatt: When he chases with me (they take turns chasing each other thru the house, squealing and laughing)
About School: Miss Pachi and Miss Courtney (her teachers)

(this kid never stops moving long enough for me to get a good, clear picture!)

Wyatt, 15 months (I asked the girls what they thought he would answer, and also added my own 2 cents!)
Color: Blue
Food: Goldfish and Sausage
Drink: Apple Juice
Dessert or Treat: Cookies
Toy: any ball
TV Show: Backyardigans and Football
Game to play: Peek A Boo, Climb on anything
Car: his blue car
Friend: Megan & Molly
Song: Backyardigans theme song, Jesus Loves Me
Thing to do with Daddy: throw the ball
Thing to do with Mommy: rock to sleep
About Megan: dancing with her
About Molly: when she finds my kie-kie for me and I am SO happy!

I also thought it would be fun to write down all of Wyatt's actual words he says on a regular basis. To date they include:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • MiMi (what he calls Molly)
  • MayMay (what he calls Megan)
  • GG
  • Papa
  • Gaga
  • Duke-y (our dog)
  • KieKie (his blankie)
  • ball
  • car
  • dusze (juice)
  • shoes
  • ishys (goldfish crackers)
  • cookie
  • wow!
  • owie
  • baby
  • uh-oh
  • and BUTAH! - which means 3 different things depending on what he wants.
  1. Button - as in the one on his belly, the ones he always wants to push in elevators, and the ones on our walls that turn the lights on and off
  2. His Toothbrush
  3. "BooYah!" when he tries to mimic Matt's cheer when they are watching Football or playing Wii together!
He also has 2 complete sentences he says ALL THE TIME.
"Get the Ball!" and "No, No bark Duke-y!" So fun to hear!

You can see the girls' answers from last year if you CLICK HERE!

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~love said...

they're so cute! and i remember wanting to do this last year when you did! i have a new year's book & will definitely have to start this year. thanks for sharing! =)

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