Thursday, January 08, 2009

Let it Snow!

We had such fun in the snow this past weekend! So much so, Megan informed us on the ride home she wants to move to the mountains. While I did have a blast, this weekend reinforced my understanding that this Mommy is not a cold person. I can't stand putting ALL THOSE CLOTHES on and off! Especially on the kids. It took 30 minutes to get everyone cozy warm and waterproof, and then someone had to pee. And how many minutes were spent searching for that other mitten, only to discover it under yesterday's gear soaking wet! I'm so spoiled being able to shuttle everyone to the car without paying much attention as to what they are wearing. It's never THAT cold, and there is usually a sweater or pair of flip flops left in the car that will suffice!

It was great fun to see the kids enjoying a new experience. They got to see snow falling for the first time and catch snowflakes on their tongues! The house we rented was on a couple acres of land - so we never even left the property! It was so nice to be able to just step out the door and sled and play in the snow. The Daddies spent Saturday morning building, compacting, and shoveling a great sledding course for the kids. Megan and Peyton had the most fun, braving the steep slope and all the air inducing bumps! Molly wouldn't go down without her Daddy. And Wyatt was nothin doin'. I think he went once in Matt's lap and was less than impressed. He did like holding his snow "ball" in his hands tho! He guarded that thing like it was gold. Funny.

Here's Molly and her first snowball.

Daddy, Wyatt and Molly

Megan and Peyton getting ready to sled down the hill!

The steep slope. Notice the Dads at the bottom
ready to assist in the STOP!

Molly and Daddy ready to hit the hills.

Wyatt wasn't too sure about the snow.

And all the clothes he had to wear!
(But looked damn cute in his BlaBla doggie hat!)

Every time I set him down he cried!

But these two were in Heaven...
And are already asking when we can go back!

It was also great fun sharing this trip with some of our best friends and their kids. I'm not sure what was better - playing with the kids during the day, or playing with the adults at night! We enjoyed good food, laughter, fun games, friendship and many memories made!
(Kids' Game "Crocodile Dentist" + Land Mine vodka shots = serious adult fun!)

We all said we want to make this an annual trip!!


~love said...

oh how i would love to only have to think about an occasional fleece or jacket. it IS such a pain to get all those clothes and gear on. if only i could transplant all of my family!

your pictures are adorable. lovin' the drinking game from a kids game.....missin' those days of fun. ;)

LACY said...

How fun. I am with you on the snow. I love warm weather. The kids look so cute though!

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