Friday, January 16, 2009

Tinkerbell goes to School

Today was Molly's "Share Day" and I got to work in her classroom. She was so excited this morning as she got ready for school!

When you are the "Share Girl" you get to bring snack, be the line leader, pick the songs to sing in circle time, and blow out the Jesus Light candle after Bible Story. For snack Molly chose red grapes, squeezable yogurts, frosted donut holes, and apple juice!

Being "Share Girl" also means you get your own 15 minutes of fame at the end of class where you sit up front and share 4 things you brought from home.
To share, she chose to bring her wallet, her key chain, her lipgloss, and her cell phone. (I think we might be in trouble when this girl gets to highschool!)

My favorite part of the whole day was the shoes she chose to wear! Does this girl got SPUNK, or what?!

You have my heart Downtown Molly Brown!


LauraC said...

Love the pics!

N&A have show and tell every Wednesday and they always bring the same thing as the other one. As soon as one picks something, the other has to bring the same thing.

The teacher was not so excited to learn we got new instruments for Christmas... LOUD instruments... times two!

~love said...

oh, she is so sweet. and yes, you're TOTALLY in trouble in H.S.!! =)

Joanna said...

Love the shoes. Those are too cute. How did she know neon was back in??

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