Friday, February 20, 2009

Date Your Mate - Week 3

Date Your Mate Challenge

Date Your Mate - Week 3 "Recreate Your Rituals"

My challenge this week is to try and remember the little things that took place when Matt and I first got together and bring them back to life! Think back...Were you and your mate knocked out by a particular movie on one of your first dates? Go rent it. Was there a song that served as the soundtrack to the summer you fell in love? Play it — often. Maybe the two of you used to meet for a drink at that little bar near the bookstore? Go there again. All will remind you of those heady early days, and give you ample opportunity to note how your love has deepened since.

One of Matt and my favorite things to do when we were dating was get a pizza at Laventina's - a place on the peninsula - and take it to the beach with a big blanket at sunset. I'm going to make this happen one night this week. The first movie we went to together was Phenomenon. Maybe we'll rent it on our way home. The soundtrack to the Summer we fell in love? Spiderweb by No Doubt. I know it's on my iPod somewhere... This is going to be fun! I'm hoping the more we re-create, the more we'll remember other little things that drew us to one another.

Are you up for the Challenge? I'd love it if you write a post about your early bonding rituals some time this week. I'm excited to get more romantic ideas from all of you!


~love said...

thanks erin! i know matt will think it is so fun to start getting loving and spicy e-mails from me...just like when we were falling in love. =)

britty said...

this one's gonna make me think, and get creative since a lot of our dating took place on the beach!

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