Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Man Among Men

"An outstanding man, one with special qualities. A person regarded as epitomizing manhood or mankind; (especially as a term of praise) one who is an example to all others; an active, well-rounded member of society."
(taken from the Oxford English Dictionary)

Dear Daddy,

To me, you are THE man among men.
Strong, Humble, Smart, and Loving.

Faithful, Hard Working, Sweet, and Funny.

Your example has helped me to know, in my heart of hearts, these three things:

God is real and you love Him.
Marriage is fun and you
love my Mother.
I am beautiful and you love Me.

Those convictions can get me through anything life dishes out.

I love you so much, Dad.
Happy Birthday!


LauraC said...

Wow, I could sweat that last picture was Molly!! Lovely tribute!

Aubs said...

That brought tears to my simple but it says so much. What an amazing man your father sounds like! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!
ps...LOVE the pictures! Molly sure is a mini me isn't she?!?

Ramirez Family said...

Happy Birthday, Papa Don! Hope you find a day of REST and RELAXATION and FAMILY above all!

~love said...

beautiful! you are so blessed!

that is 100% molly!! so cute!

Brooke said...

You always write the most beautiful stuff. It is scary how much Molly looks like you!!!!

Jennifer said...

omg, I can't get over how much you look like Molly in that last picture. It's almost hard to believe that it's not her--CRAZY!!! What a wonderful tribute! Happy Birthday Mr. Gregg!

Nathaniel Thompson said...

what an awesome tribute to your daddy..truly a good, Godly man!!! xoxox-jenny

britty said...

such a great post Erin. two things, your dad has some sweet hair both facial and head, and Molly is your mini-me!

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