Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Molly's Birthday Wrap Up

Such a fun, FULL weekend this little girl had! It started on Friday with her birthday "Share Day" at preschool. Notice she's barefoot.
Classic Molly!

It was also her class Valentine's party. So for snack I made Valentine Jello cups, strawberry Cheerio necklaces, heart shaped ham & cheese sandwiches, and Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pops. Each kid also got to decorate their own heart shaped sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles. It was quite a party! She had so much fun making (and wearing) her birthday crown, being the line leader, and having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.

She's told me for a good month she wanted a "Minnie Mouse" birthday party. So on Sunday - we did our best to oblige! It began with our traditional Burns family candle in your food breakfast. Molly picked homemade waffles with whipped cream, (her Daddy made them for her) scrambled eggs, and bacon. She cleaned her Minnie plate!

I found the cutest Minnie Mouse pillowcase dress on Etsy for Molly to wear. The lady who made it was so sweet and fast. She also made the matching one for Megan. And both were SO reasonable for being handmade! Go check out her shop when you have a second. Marci, THANK YOU! Molly loved her dress.

Later in the day, we met family and friends for some bowling, pizza and cake. Everyone had a blast. I especially loved that I captured almost everyone as Minnie Mouse!

Erin & Erin
Uncle TJ
Aunt Adrie
Some of my favorite pictures of the night are the ones of Wyatt bowling. It was quite a treat to watch. I wont share my final score...but let's just say it was the lowest of the night! Wyatt included. Apparently Wii bowling is not helping me in the real world. After 2 frames Matt and I were tied - so we bet back massages on the game. Two frames later he was beating me by 40 points! Sad.

I looked all over for a Minnie Mouse cake pan. I found one I liked on Ebay - but for a small fortune. So I decided to just bake a bunch of 9 inch round cakes and use them to make Minnie's face. I used the Minnie plate as a template for the ears. I was worried about free handing the details of her face, but I think it turned out cute! I made the bow and all the polka dots out of fondant. Molly loved it, so that made me happy!

Everyone was so generous and sweet to Molly. I am so thankful to our family for coming and making her feel special. I love that she had her one best friend at her party - and the rest was all family. Aunts, Uncles, Grammie & Papa, brother and sister. I love that we are the type that celebrates together. Adults come to our kid's parties and genuinely want to be there...and they have FUN! It means so much to my kids to have this support, this love, this sense of family. I love that the memories they have will always have US in them.

ENJOY all the pics! We had fun making them....


Aubs said...

Looks like a FABULOUS weekend!! What a blessing to be surrounded by family that is so involved!! And that cake was AWESOME as expected!!!

~love said...

your cake turned out great! love your last paragraph....so wonderful.

Ramirez Family said...

That cake was perfect, and the minnie dresses were adorable. What a perfect 4th birthday. Wish we could have been there, Miss Mollie B!

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