Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm late blogging today because we've been busy in the kitchen! It's Molly's Birthday Snack day tomorrow (she'll be 4 on Sunday!) As well as her class Valentine's party. So you know I had to obsess. Were making Valentine Cheerio necklaces, Pink and Red jello cups, Ham & Cheese heart shaped sandwiches, and Bakerella's Cupcake Pops (but Strawberry flavored, of course!)

I plan to put my own Birthday twist on the Cupcake Pops. I am going to try and make them look like mini ice cream cones...stay tuned to see if I succeed! Here's the start:
And for those of you who don't believe I obsess, here's today's proof:
I want true color Valentine cheerio necklaces. So I've been separating out all the RED cheerios from the Fruity box and adding them to the Yogurt Blend box! I know, I have issues.

We also made some Chocolate Chip muffins for Daddy - because he's our ultimate Valentine!

CLICK HERE to find the jello cup recipe on Haute Plates!
It's a little time consuming, but super easy!


Aubs said...

Ha! LOVE that you seperated out the red ones....i'd have been right there w/ ya doing the same thing!!! Such cute time i need some cute fun idea i'm coming to you for help!! Hope your cupcake pops turn out like you're hoping!!

Jennifer said...

you are unbelievable, Erin, seriously!! I will ALWAYS remember Molly's bday because mine's the same day!! Happy Bday Molly!! Molly, what a tremendously devoted and creative mommy you have!

Brooke said...

You do have issues, but your kids love you for it!! You are an amazing mom. I also forgot to tell you that you look great....keep it up Erin.

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