Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Sweeps

I think it's time to go see Slumdog Millionaire. It pretty much kicked butt and took home the golden bald man in every category it was nominated last night - so apparently, it's good. (I've been hearing this for awhile) Which means, I want to see.

Did you watch the Academy Awards? I usually watch the red carpet and then keep it on in the background as I go about the rest of our evening - tuning in for the "big" awards. Since Matt and I make it to only about 4 movies a year (if we're lucky!) the Oscars are fun, but I'm never that invested. Last night, however, I really enjoyed the whole thing! It was SO good. Hands down the best I can remember since I started (half) paying attention. So many thoughts...

I really enjoyed how they brought back 5 past winners to introduce the 5 current nominees in the major categories. Much better and more personal than just rattling off names and titles. I also loved all the humor. Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix - hilarious! I thought Hugh Jackman was a great host. I loved his opening act and the tribute to the Musical! The Romance and Comedy tributes were great too. James Franco may be fast becoming my new Movie Star Boyfriend...

All the ladies were quite beautiful this year, no? In my humble opinion, no one stood out as a major Fashion Faux Pas. Miley Cyrus' dress was a bit over the top - but give the girl a break! She's 17. I probably would have picked something shockingly similar at that age. My fashion favorites of the night were Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz. Penelope's dress was vintage and to die for. I loved it! Kate is just timeless beauty. I think she could stop traffic in a burlap sack. I loved her hair. I could listen to both their accents till kingdom come. Other beauties that stood out to me were Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway. And I pray I look as good as Meryl Streep when I am her age. So classy.

While on the subject of beautiful ladies...I think Jennifer outshone Angelina last night. Not that it's a contest. I just think Aniston has this thing about her that makes her both cute and sexy. While Jolie is just sexy. (That sounds funny - "just sexy." Like it's a bad thing) I loved how Aniston wore her hair. And her skin is amazing. That being said - not many woman can rock a simple black dress the way Jolie did last night. OKAY, fine. It's still a toss up as to who wins this non-existent contest! Let's just say Pitt has really good taste.

I must also note that I've always been a fan of Heath Leager. 10 Things I Hate About You I one of my all time favorites. But I'll admit, when he was nominated for Best Actor I thought, "Oh sure - nominate the guy just because he died!" Then Matt and I rented Dark Knight. After which, I was really pulling for the kid. He was SO GOOD in that movie. Completely took on the character, brought the Joker to a whole other level. I was glad he won, and deservedly so, in my opinion. I can only imagine the range of emotions his Father, Mother and Sister must have had in that moment.

One thing was quite apparent by the end of the night: I need to re-evaluate the movies I choose to see in the theatre! How is it that Twilight, HSM2, and Mamma Mia made the cut but Slumdog, Revolutionary Road, and Benjamin Button did not? Very Curious, indeed!

New Netflix Que:
Slumdog Millionare
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Revolutionary Road
The Reader
The Duchess


Cara said...

Gasp...faux pas central was Miss Jessica Biel! To hide that figure in THAT. Not her best moment inmy humble opinion!

Erin said...

HA! Cara - you are so right. I'd forgotten - but last night I said to Matt "She looks like crap!" and he was like "Who is that?" Funny. She's much prettier than she presented last night!

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