Friday, March 20, 2009

Date Your Mate - Week 7

Date Your Mate Challenge

I don't know about you, but when it comes to the two of us, Matt and I aren't big gift givers. Basically, we are always short on money. And what we do have, we usually choose to spend it on the kids. Plus neither of us really need anything. We are both grounded in the TRUTH that what we already have - each other, our families, our health, our faith - is really what matters. We also are both the type of personality that gets a little uncomfortable when too much attention is put on us. So birthdays and holidays often pass without the two of us exchanging big gifts. We do gift the token picture of the kids, the last minute drug store item (think body wash, lipgloss, celeb magazine), the favorite candy bar or bottle of wine - but other than that...not much. So I am excited for this week's challenge!

Date Your Mate Challenge - Week 7 "Surprise!"

This week's challenge is to give a few surprise gifts to your mate. For no reason at all! They don't have to be big. Rather - I plan to make them fun, little, thoughtful things I know Matt will enjoy. Things he wants - but he'd never stop and buy for himself. Such as....a new backpack (the one he is using now is seriously 10 years old!) His favorite, but impossible to come by, Wahoo's hot sauce. (Thankfully my best friend married a serious Wahoo's connection!) Chocolate covered pretzels, new razors and after shave, new socks and boxers. So Glamorous....I know! But I kind of feel that's the whole point. These gifts are supposed to show your lover that you know him better than anyone else. And you want to make him happy - in the simplest, littlest, most mundane sort of way!

Are you up for the Challenge? Get gifting and have fun! He will love the surprises, he will love you...and he will love marriage!


Aubs said...

this one really will be a challenge for me because John truly does not like to spend money or for money to be spent on him! He is the hardest person to buy gifts for but i am going to make it my mission to find little things to surprise him with this week!

Miss lynn said...

I am sitting her enjoying and (crying) Erin and the kids (I love Wyatt "building").
Erin your right on tribute to "Natnee" was what we all hope for. I know the Lord is waiting for her with open arms and will take away her pain. I think my kids were the exact same age when their great Grandma Bea was "Born into heaven" and they have beautiful memories of her, what a gift.
Erin you are simply amazing!Your blog is a joy and I feel so blessed to have been a part of your life this year. Megan makes everyday special like her mom. She hugs willingly, she shares joyfully, she knows God faithfully and I know she will be a bright light in this crazy world. Thank you for sharing her with me! Love Always to your sweet family, Natnee, Susan and Don (always wonderful to me)and all the rest of that fun family! Miss Lynn

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