Monday, March 23, 2009


So....I've spent all my blogging energy on menu planning/ recipe posting. (CLICK HERE to see what we're eating for dinner this week!) Which means today you get to enjoy the mumbo jumbo randomness that has been be-bopping around my little head. Would you please humor me and add your answers to the surveys at right? I would so appreciate it! You would seriously put my too busy, silly mind to {a little bit of} REST.

Uploading of cute pics is in progress...creative, sweet post manana.

In your next life, would you rather come back as Julieanne Hough or Taylor Swift? I am presently undecided....both are young, blond, and (IMHO) ROCK!

Do your children sleep through the night? Mine do NOT! I've tried it all. Munchie is crying it out as I type....ugh. I often say they draw straws to see who is going to wake Mommy up. There are nights when they ALL get the short one!

Do you prefer Red or White? As in Wine. I'm a blanco sort of girl, unless I'm enjoying red meat. Crap - if you don't drink, I'll add an option for you too...but I'm gonna have to drown my sorrows in Chardonnay of y'all say you make it thru this crazy adventure without a little help.

Would you rather go without your phone or your TV? We've decided to give up our land line, in an attempt to save some moolah. When it came time to make the decision - it was the easiest thing to go. Since I'm a bit of an imsomniac...I'm also a bit of a Twitter/TiVo freak.

My current Movie Star Boyfriend is Marky Mark. (Yes, he let's me still call him that!) But we watched Spiderman was rainy day, snuggle time on the couch sort of day...and James Franco has a dangerously sweet smile. Who get's your virtual MWUAH ??


~love said...

you're funny! =)
thanks for the fun distraction while i was waiting up for bianca to awaken to eat. (i had no idea it would be so late!!)
i agree julieanne vs taylor is tough...but i definitely think i'd want to be julieanne!
love red wine..and MISS it!
i can't stand the phone.

Aubs said...

ha! You are too it! Gonna answer your questions now!!

ElizabethE said...

Thanks for the fun! I voted!

LauraC said...

I voted!

N&A sleep through the night BUT Nate is a GREAT sleeper and Alex is a HORRIBLE sleeper. If something can disturb Alex's sleep, it will. But the good thing is that since Nate is a good sleeper, he never wakes when we go in to Alex.

I'm red wine all the way. I even prefer red wine over fruity drinks!!

Wendy said...

Sister, I am feeling a bit like reject right now. I am glad this is a "survey" and not a pop quiz.
1. Don't know who either Julieanne Hough or Taylor Swift Are.
2. The answer is yes and no. The older two normally do (Elijah- 5, Lydia - 2). Unless there is diaper leakage, nightmare, leg ache, etc. Maybe the answer is no? The youngest one (8 month old Jordis) goes for a nice streak and then gets a cold. Totally kills it and we have to start all over.
3. I don't drink (not alcohol anyway, just gasoline) AND I don't speak Spanish.
4. Haven't had TV for about 6 months now. So I guess I would rather go without it? I am not a dirty hippy (not completely anyway), but finances are tight these days. My husband and I watch "24" on, but that's it for TV these days.
5. I do know who Marky Mark (and the Funky Bunch) is, but not interested. Doesn't do it for me. And don't know who James Franco is.

I love ice blended mochas from The Coffee Bean, homemade baked goods, longs walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, Keri Olson and the smell of dirty diapers. Can we still be friends?

Erin said...

Wendy - your love of Keri Olsen saved your butt! YES - let's! (Be friends, that is.) But you should know I don't like chocolate or coffee. I've never tried Gasoline, but I love it's smell. And that of Sharpie pens, too.

Oh - and my DSUV is a complete joke. Beyond embarrasingly dirty, sticky, cluttered, crumby... I'll get you pics, as soon as I find my camera. It's somewhere in my car.

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