Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Reality

This morning marks the beginning of getting back to "normal" for us in many ways. After our week long break from school and (and mine from blogging) I feel like today, already at 8:11AM, is 10 times busier than any of our previous seven. But it feels good. As much as I enjoyed our non scheduled, free-for-all days - I must admit I thrive on routine and getting things accomplished.

I learned many things over the break. I learned we have a central air conditioning unit I never knew about! I came upon this scene after the kids had been playing outside for a good half hour.
I also learned that my Munchie has a HARD HEAD! (In more ways than one) He fell from the driver's seat of our suburban....nothing breaking his fall but his forehead on concrete.He had been playing in the drivers seat while I unloaded groceries. All doors closed. Megan thought she'd be "helpful" and get him out. He was leaning on the window in the door as she opened it. I saw the whole thing - in slow motion - from our kitchen window and couldn't get there fast enough! That was a not so fun day. But remarkably he is no worse for wear other than a nice new, rather large raspberry right at his hairline. I was hoping his fall might make him a little hesitant. But an hour later he was jumping on the middle of our dining room table. BOYS!

I learned that if you dye eggs with an 18 month old, putting them one by one into every color, they all turn out a fabulous shade of SHREK. (And so do said 18 month old's hands, belly, and chubby thighs!)
I learned that sometimes the unplanned, last minute, non-traditional ideas are the most fun! Here's my favorite pic from Easter morning. I'm currently uploading all our pics to make a slideshow of our holiday, so check back later in the day!
I'm also back to reality in the Menu Planning if you are wondering "What's For Dinner?" get yourself over to Haute Plates to find out!


Aubs said...

Yay...glad you're back all nice and refreshed!! And glad that you allowed yourself to take the break when needed...have a fabulous monday!

LauraC said...

Oh my, that head lump is CRAZY! Boys will be boys though. Alex is like that, head made of stone and he keeps on going!

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