Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap

We had such a fun Spring Break, capped off with a fabulously fun Easter, celebrating our Risen Lord and maybe eating a few too many chocolate eggs. Just maybe. Our week off of school and work was a simple one.

We did a lot of staying up late. One night Matt moved our king sized mattress into the living room. We watched BOLT, popped popcorn and let the girls stay up as late as they wanted. Molly made it till about 9PM. Megan all the way til midnight! I ended up in Molly's twin with a snuggly Munchie. Talk about tight squeeze.

We also did a lot of jumping on beds. It's Wyatt's new favorite thing. He runs to our room, climbs up on the mattress, and then hollers "MiMi! Menga!" at the top of his lungs, begging his sisters to come join him. The result is always a pile of giggling Burns babies, rolling around and making me love my life.

We did a lot of eating of waffles. Waffles every morning! Usually swimming in syrup and topped with whipped cream. I think a few times we even squirted it straight from the can into our mouths.

Most of all we just did a lot of being together. I love having a teacher for a husband. Everytime our kids are on is he! And while "break" might not always mean "vacation" it does always mean we spend a lot of quality time together as a family. The 5 of us grocery shopped, watched cartoons, worked in the yard, drew chalk roads on our driveway, got lost in Target, went on walks, sang songs, and rocked the Wii.

Saturday night we ordered a pizza and dyed Easter eggs. The girls had a blast. This was the first year that they really knew what they were doing and didn't want any help. Their eggs turned out pretty and they were so proud! I gave Wyatt one egg to play with and he sat in the middle of the table, personally hand submerging it in each color. This resulted in a SHREK egg, along with SHREK fingers, tummy and thighs! He kept saying "Uh Oh!" and "Oh No!" when he would look at his hands. It was quite cute.

Of course Matt had to squeeze a science lesson into the evening. He taught the girls about centripetal force and inertia by spinning a hard bolied egg and then a raw one. They thought it was pretty cool. Good thing I was paying attention to the lesson, because then we lost track of the raw egg and it got dyed. Now each time I go to make egg salad, I am spinning the eggs before peeling!

Easter morning came bright and early. It was a little non-traditional for us this year as my parents were in Chicago for Katherine's confirmation. All three kids enjoyed their Easter baskets and then we

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Joanna said...

Cute. I LOVE the idea of a hunt at Strawberry Farms. Though non-traditional, very memorable.

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